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Instant relief from gas and discomfort…
Australian Digestive Excellence, within 10 minutes, gave me instant relief from gas and discomfort after flying and travel. Honestly, clear relief right away like I have never experienced. Great big thumbs up!

Susie Sondag
Chicago, IL

...I can now eat gluten without any problems!!
I have had gluten sensitivity for years and digestive issues my whole life. I have always had to be careful of the foods I eat and as I got older, my sensitivities became much worse. Eating out in restaurants became a 50/50 chance of getting sick.

After I started taking Australian Excellence I could feel a difference immediately! I have been on it for about 6 months now and I am happy to say that I no longer get pain or bloating and I can now eat gluten without any problems!! Wow!! Nothing else has ever helped with my gluten sensitivity. Now, instead of taking things out of my diet, I can add things in!

This is an amazing product and I highly recommend it to anyone who has digestive issues!

Lisa Montagna
Orange, CA

…feel so much better within minutes!!!
I didn't realize how much discomfort I had gotten used to!!! I love the products. The probiotic made me feel so much better within minutes!!! I get ‘happy gut’ when I take it. Miraculous.

Love the taste of the Australian Excellence and it's like balm to my digestive system, feels like a tonic. It's cleansing without the harshness of a ‘cleanse.’ My body is sensitive and it really likes this. There's no other product like it!

Jo Clessler
Pasadena, CA

Australian Excellence has definitely stopped my heartburn cold!

Michael Braude
San Anselmo, CA

Thank you for this miracle!
I was bloated and feeling a lot of discomfort. I tried everything. Now, my stomach is almost normal size, and I have energy. Thank you for this miracle! It's like waking up with the sun every day.

Susan Andersen
Fairfield, IA

After so often experiencing intense stomach discomfort…
After so often experiencing intense stomach discomfort, Australian Excellence brought my system back to normal functioning. Thank you.

Vicky Nurre
Chicago, IL

I have lost weight…
Since starting Australian Digestive Excellence a month ago, I have lost weight without making any other changes in my diet. It feels like the nutrients are better absorbed into my system, since my body doesn’t feel hungry as often as before.

Pamela Chong
Belmont, CA

No! Get your own… this is mine!
My wife always had a sensitive stomach with digestive issues. She started taking Digestive Excellence and it was like a miracle. So I wondered if it would help someone that is reasonably healthy like myself? I asked her if I could try it… she said, NO! get your own… this is mine.

It took me about a week to feel the difference. I had more energy and felt that my meals were digesting better. I was able to stop all my other supplements and just use this one amazing product. It REALLY works… and it tastes great too!

Jim Van Wyck

Within one day... all cramps & bloating disappeared.
Thank you for creating this new innovative & pure product. While traveling & eating in restaurants, I occasionally had the worst stomach cramps, bloating & indigestion. My digestion has often been sensitive, no matter how 5-star the restaurant.

Within one day of taking a few capfuls all cramps & bloating disappeared. Within two days my digestive system was back in balance. The taste is great, big plus. Keep up the good work!

Los Angeles, CA

Powerful combination of synergistic factors that deliver like nothing else.
Taking the probiotics with Australian digestive excellence is a very powerful combination of synergistic factors that deliver like nothing else.

Dr. Thomas Tomaselli
Northport, NY

Stomach pain and problems have disappeared in only 3 days, wow
Last week I worked with a client on her intestinal issues. I gave your new product, Australian Digestive Excellence, to her. She feels perfect and her stomach pain and problems have disappeared in only 3 days, wow.

Jutta Zimbrich
Langen, Germany

My overall digestive health has improved dramatically.
So – for many decades I've been trying to find a probiotic – because I know how valuable they are for intestinal health – that wouldn't make my gut explode. In the past I've tried multiple types with varying amounts of probiotic strains. Even the mildest sent me into agony. One even sent me to the hospital.

I started taking Australian Digestive Excellence for about a month before our Australian Probiotic capsules arrived. Not only did they cause no problem, I am gradually finding that I am able to digest more things than I was able to before. My overall digestive health has improved dramatically. I am so grateful for these products. Thank you.

Andrea Pflaumer
Berkeley, CA

OMG… so so so grateful.
LOVE the digestive excellence… I don't have enough words for it. I was diagnosed with really bad digestive problems when I was 18, the worst case my GI doc had ever seen, and was laxative dependent for a decade… medical marijuana was the only thing that helped, but that became impossible. So I have been struggling ever since, nothing solved it… BUT THIS DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG so so so grateful.

Peach Beckley
Santa Monica, CA

I am amazed at how much stronger my digestion is!
With the first few doses of Australian Digestive Excellence, I could tell my body was really liking it. It just felt very happy inside. I have been taking the product for three weeks now, and I am amazed at how much stronger my digestion is!

The whole digestive, assimilative, and eliminative apparatus feels different — very well-tuned, balanced, and working happily. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Amber Terrell
Auburn, CA
Australian Excellence

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